Zucchini MS deck caulking

Zucchini MS deck caulking is een kit voor dek naden. - MED gecertificeerd. - Makkelijk te verwerken. - Uitstekende U.V. bestendigheid. - Geen vergeling ban de kit naden. - Geen scheuren van de kit. - Nagenoeg geen krimp bij uitharding.

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MS Deck Caulking H is a moisture curing one-part sealant based on MS Polymer.
Solventless, isocyanate free, not subjected to schirinkage, after curing it shows good elastic properties,
excellent resistance to UV rays and to moisture. Tested and certified according to the IMO procedures for
surface flammability and approved for use on floor coverings.
• Solventless and isocyanate free.
• No schrinkage and no bubble formation.
• Flexible at low (–40°C) and high (+ 100°C) temperatures.
• Good adhesion to wood, metals, GRP.
• Neutral, odourless, safe in use.
• Low flame spread. MED certified by LAPI.
• Compatible with most paints systems.
• It can be sanded and cutted soon after application.
• Good resistance to UV rays and to salt water.

Typical uses:

MS Deck Caulking H is specific for waterproof sealing of seams in teak decks of shipbuilding.

Method of use:

Adhesion and surface preparation: the surfaces must be dry, clean and degreased. Apply an even coat of Primer LM/BV to
wood. In joints subjected to movement it is suggested, after application of Primer, to apply a release tape in the bottom of
the joints in order to exploit the elastic properties of the sealant.
Application of the sealant and finishing of the deck: the sealant can be extruded by using a hand operated gun or an air one
taking care of the complete filling of the inner parts of the joints and overfilling the outer one.
It is recommended to work at a temperature over than 5°C and to apply the sealant when the primer is fully dried.
If the sealant is not smoothed by spatula immediately after the application, it is recommended to cut the excess of hardened
product with a blade before sanding, in order to prevent damages from the action of the sandpaper to the adhesion.
The optimum conditions for sanding are generally achieved after one week. The sanding should be done always lengthwise to
the joints, using a band or a lapping machine with grit 80 (Heavy sanding ) and 120 (finishing touch) sandpaper
Any painting of the wood should be done some weeks after the application of the sealant, making previous test to check
possible effects on adhesion.
PRODUCTS” available on request.
Chemical resistance: MS Deck Caulking H shows a good resistance to water and to marine environment. A regular washing
with water, as well daily in hot climates, keeps the wood at the right level of moisture and normally is sufficient for a good
maintenance of the deck. The use of oily products is not recommended, any how it remains to be seen previously on small
surfaces. In case of an occasional need of the use of cleansers, is recommended to utilize only liquid soaps for domestic use,
diluted with water and rinsed a long time. Avoid aggressive chemical cleansers, whiteners, bleachs, caustic soda and the use
of cleaning machines. It bears contact with fuels occasionally and for short period.


MS DECK CAULKING H has been certified in accordance with Module-B of Dir.96/98/EC
and amended as:
“Surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread characteristics”:
Floor coverings - weight 350 g/m²
MED: A.1/3.18 (a) (c)
Certificate.n°0987 MED B/619 REV.1
Test reports
• 1628.4IMO0080/15 - Smoke and Toxicity Test
• 1628.4IMO0090/15 - Measure of gross calorific value

• 1628.4IMO0100/15 - Surface flammability test in accordance

MS DECK CAULKING H has been certified in accordance with Module-D of Dir.96/98/EC, NO.MED-D-1608 by DNV.

Issued 19-01-2012, valid until 19-01-2017.