Zucchini MS screen HL

Zucchini MS screen HL is een lijm voor glazen ramen met een hoge kracht en een lange verwerkingstijd. - Thixotrope, hoge viscositeit, verwerktijd voor ramen met grote afmetingen. - Geheel Isocyanaat(zuurrest) vrij. - Geheel oplosmiddelvrij. - Goede hechting op een veel diverse ondergronden. - hoge elektrische isolatiewaarde. - Zeer gemakkelijk schoon te maken. - Nagenoeg geen krimp bij uitharding. - Makkelijk te gebruiken bij lage en hoge temperaturen.

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One component, neutral, moisture curing, high cohesive, structural adhesive-sealant based on MS Polymer™.
MS SCREEN is expressly suitable for fast structural bonding and sealing of windscreens and windows in the
vehicle production and reconditioning industry.
MS SCREEN has all the special characteristics of MS Polymer™ technology:
• Solventless and isocyanates free.
• Virtually no shrinkage.
• Flexible at low (- 40°C) and high (+ 120°C) temperatures
• Neutral reaction, odourless.
• Excellent resistance to ageing and UV rays.
• Rapid curing: bonding parts can be handled a few hours after assembly.
• Excellent primerless adhesion on windscreens and on a wide range of materials commonly used in vehicle
body shops and shipyards, such as zinc coated sheets, aluminium, fiberglass, stainless steel.
The product is available in four grades with different technical characteristics: standard, H, HL and HL 90.

For short drive-away time windscreen installation and replacement, certified by Thatcham according to FMVSS212:
MS SCREEN H crash tested at 45 minutes with two airbags (bonding strenght 100%).
MS SCREEN HL crash tested at 60 minutes with two airbags (bonding strenght 100%).
For windscreen and windows installation in the production of boats, rail and tram vehicles, caravans and camper vans, refrigerated
vehicles, aircraft and aerospace components.
Structural bonding between glasses and cementious or metal frames in the production of greenhouses, coverings, canopies.

Method of use:

Surface preparation: MS SCREEN can be primerless applied onto ceramic coated glass, painted metals and onto cleaned and
degreased unpainted metals. For a perfect cleaning of the bonding surfaces, see the following specific instructions.
• Ceramic coated glass, coated metal sheet and aluminium: it is necessary a preliminary cleaning with E-CLEANER.
In case of special temperture range, humidity and working load conditions, it is recommended a cleaning treatment with
Primer WP, using a proper buffer.
• Ceramic coated/screen-printed glass: it is required a preliminary cleaning with E-CLEANER.
• Glass without ceramic coating: it is necessary a preliminary treatment with PRIMER G or GX, at least 30 minutes before the
sealant application, using a suitable felt pad.
• GRP: it is necessary a cleaning treatment with ST121. If required, apply a preliminary medium-fine sanding.
In case of windscreen replacement, completly remove the old adhesive before continuing the above explained surface preparation.
If necessary, it is possible to trim back the remaining adhesive leaving a 1 mm. max. thick layer, without any further cleaning/treatment
of the cut surface.
Sealant application: apply a bead of sealant either to the glass or to the aperture, then place the windscreen in its exact position
within 10-15 minutes.
In case MS SCREEN is applied as joint filler, remove the exceeding product by spatula, spray the surface with plenty of Z.TEX CLEANER
or soapy water and then smooth the sealant.


When using the product in cartridge, the L / 6 pneumatic gun with telescopic piston or the L / Power electrical gun are recommended.
Application of the product may be difficult with the use of manual or traditional guns.