Zucchini MS super

Zucchini MS super is een structurele lijm/kit met een hoge prestatie. - Zeer snel drogend. - Makkelijk te verwerken. - Overschilderbaar na enkelen minuten. - hoge treksterkte en een uitstekende weerstand tegen extreme mechanische belasting. - Grote hechting op een breed assortiment van materialen zonder primer. - Uitstekende U.V. en weer bestendigheid. - Geheel Isocyanaat (zuurrest) vrij. - Geheel oplosmiddel vrij. - Nagenoeg geen krip na uitharding. - Verkrijgbaar in Zwart, Wit en Grijs.

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Air moisture fast curing one-part neutral sealant based on MS Polymer™.
Permanent elasticity and flexibility combined with excellent adhesion to a great variety of surfaces and with
a high cohesion make MS Super suitable for making high-performance seals and elastic joints.
Reduced skin-forming time, rapid progression of the curing from the surface towards the inside of the joint and
oven paintability at high temperatures make MS Super the ideal sealant for coachwork and metal construction.
MS Super possesses all the special characteristics of MS Polymer™ Technology:
• Solventless and free from isocyanate.
• Virtually no shrinking.
• Flexible at low (–40°C) and high (+ 120°C) temperatures.
• Neutral reaction, odourless.
• Very fast curing.
• Compatible with most paints systems.
• Overpaintable soon after skin formation, without any negative effects on hardening of the sealant and
the properties of the paint.
• Resistant, without swelling or cracking, to paint cycles with temporary (30-60 minutes) high temperatures
up to 180°.
• Possibility of systematic use in industrial premises where painting operations are performed.
• Very good adhesion to a wide number of substrates.
• Very good resistance to ageing and to UV Radiation.

Typical uses:

 • Sealing between welded plates and overlapped plates in the automotive industry and the construction
and repair of coach and car bodywork.
• For wood and metal joints with elastic properties in the freezing industry and the construction of containers
for transport.
• Assembly of insulating panels.
• Gluing and sealing with very good resistance to vibration on components made of steel, aluminium, wood,
GRP and other plastic materials, painted surfaces on buses, panelled vehicles, campers and caravans.
• For sealing between steel structural work components.
• For sealing between metal and glass in paint cabins.
• For the installation of appliances in kitchen furniture.
• For metalwork application.
• High modulus elastic sealant suitable to seal materials sensitive to acid and to plasticizers such as marble,
granite, sandstone.

Method of use:

Adhesion and surface preparation: MS Super has a very good primerless adhesion, provided surfaces are free from grease, on
steel, galvanised steel, anodised aluminium and aluminium, on painted surfaces in general, on wood, glass and glazed surfaces,
polyester and UPVC.
For applications under severe conditions, such as under extremely wet conditions, or on porous surfaces, the use of a suitable
primer can improve adhesion of sealant.
More detailed informations about surface conditioning are available in the selection chart of "Primers for MS Sealants".
MS Super has a good adhesion on silicone and polyurethane sealants, so it can be used in resealing joints where the complete
removal of the old sealant is impossible.
For this type of application, which in any case is advisable for joints subjected to limited dynamic stress, previous testing to determine
compatibility is recommended.
Application of sealant: MS Super can be extruded by using a hand operated gun or an air gun at a temperature range between
+5°C/+35°C within 10 minu tes of application the sealant can be tooled. About 30’ after application the sealant can be overpainted
without causing delays in curing time. In painting the best results are obtained if the paint is applied in the 6 hours following the