Zucchini MS techno pro

Zucchini Techno Pro is een multifunctionele lijm/kit met een hoge prestatie. - Makkelijk in gebruik en te verwerken. - Overschilderbaar in enkele minuten. - Geschikte voor hoge kracht verbindingen. - Sterke mechanische belaste afdichtingen. - Thixotrope, niet uitzakkend, met goede hechting op en grote aantal verschillende ondergronden zonder primer. - Uitstekende U.V. bestendigheid. - Zeer weerbestendig. - Geheel Isocyanaat (zuurrest) vrij. - Geheel oplosmiddel vrij. - Nagenoeg geen krip na uitharding. - Verkrijgbaar in Zwart, Wit en Grijs.

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Moisture curing one-part adhesive-sealant based on MS Polymer ™, solventless, isocyanate free, suitable for high performance
joints and elastic sealing. Excellent adhesion to many substrates without Primer, flexible in the long run.
High resistance to UV radiation and weather conditions, permanently elastic in the range -40° C/+100°C.
Non slumping, the application can be made along the vertical , almost no schrinkage. It can be painted son after application.
Available in three grades different for both properties and method of uses :
• TECHNO PRO SEAL with high elongation, for joints subjected to continuous muvement.
• TECHNO PRO assembling sealant for elastic, structural sealing, with a wide range of adhesions.
• TECHNO PRO LIGHT TX adhesive sealant transparent, clear in thickness.

• For sealing means of transport as campers, boats, insulating vans and industrial bodies.
• For sealing metal sheets, drainpipes, high performance boards, insulating panels.
• For bonding wood and metal in door and window frames, front gates, skips.
• For sealing cement, concrete, plasterboard, walls, bricks, tiles, ceramic, glass, galvanized sheet, painted sheet, anodised and
painted aluminium, uPVC, ABS, fiberglass, wood, polystyrene, polyurethane foam.

Techno Pro: 
• In bodywork for sealing and fixing panels and metal sheets.
• For sealing stiffening ribs on to structures subjected to vibrations, or with material with different thermal expansions
• For insulating and covering containers or vans.
• For bonding wood metal in door and window frames.
• For bonding overlaps between sheets or metals and other surfaces where mechanical fixing or welding is not allowed,
in transport, metal carpentry.
• For bonding and sealing ventilation and conditioning ducts.
• For bonding metal profiles (U) onto glasses, plastic sheets, metal panels in refrigeration industry, refrigerators, furnishing,
means of transport.
• For bonding wood panels and profiles even painted, plasterboard panels, plastic laminate, uPVC to walls, metal structures.
• For bonding overlap and butt joints between plates, profiles, frames.
• For assembling insulated panels, partition walls.
• For mirror installation.
• For sealing, in interiors, joints between metal, painted metals, glass, glazing surfaces, plastics. Not suitable for PE, PP, PTFE.
• For elastic bonding of glass, plastic (not including PE, PP, PTFE), ceramic, porcelain, metals painted metals, wood in
furnishing, building, shipbuilding, means of transport.
• Excellent ageing resistance in interiors and very good UV rays resistance in external under indirect exposure.

Method of use:

Surface preparation: MS TECHNO PRO has an excellent primerless adhesion to degreased surfaces of steel, galvanised steel, anodized aluminium,
to painted surfaces, to concrete, wood, glass, ceramics, GRP, uPVC. In particular conditions, i.e. humidity and porous surfaces, the adhesion can be
improved by application of a suitable primer. More detailed informations about surface conditioning are available in the selection chart of “Primers
for MS Sealants and adhesives”.
Application: used as adhesive MS TECHNO PRO can be applied by gun onto only one part. Join the parts together within 10’-15’ exerting a light
pressure. When compressed the thickness should be not lower of 1-2 mm. in order to allow the correct curing and to exploit the adhesive and
cohesive characteristics of the product. On to big surfaces the adhesive can be applied in parallel lines distant 20-40 cm. and along the perimeter.
Cure is realised by humidity, in presence of non porous surfaces it can accelerated by nebulizing the parts by water before assembling. Put the part
in contact within 5 minutes by using an adequate pressure. If necessary, maintain under pressure the parts until a complete curing.
Used as a sealant the product is suitable for joints submitted to small movements only. Insert a non-adhesive back-up material in deep joints.
Apply a continuous bead by using an adequate pressure and avoid air entrapping. Tool with a wet spatula.
Joint dimension: joint should have rectangular shape. The sealant cord depth should be at least 3mm., joint width should be twice joint depth and
at least 4 times the total mouvement.
For a correct dimensioning of joint cross section, insert at the back our Filtene, a closed cell polyethylene foam round profile, available in several